"You think I'm any less perplexed? I dragged my ass all the way here from Detroit to be with my, quote, "sister witches" and, instead, I'm sitting in a fast-food parking lot at 3 in the morning with an immortal racist. How'd that happen?"
Queenie to Delphine LaLaurie[src]

Queenie was a character on FX's American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by guest star Gabourey Sidibe.



Queenie worked in a fast-food restaurant. During a shift at work, Queenie was confronted by an irate customer, who insisted that she did not give him the proper amount of food. Queenie, being gifted in math, firmly told the customer that his true intention was to get extra food for free and that she would not tolerate it. Angered, the customer insulted her weight. She retaliated by dipping her arm into boiling oil and transferred the resulting pain and physical damage to the customer's arm. Despite no evidence to incriminate Queenie, she was let go from her job. It was at this time that Cordelia Foxx found Queenie and took her in. There, she learned that she was the descendant of the witch, Tituba, who sparked the Salem witch trials. [6]


Queenie, with the help of Nan and Madison, pulled a rather scary prank on the new student, Zoe Benson. At dinner, Queenie had a fiery exchange with Madison, showcasing her unique ability to direct her wounds and pain onto whomever she targets by stabbing herself with a fork and laughing as Madison screams from the blood leaking from her own hand. [1]

During a meeting with the students and the headmistress, Queenie discloses her origins. She used to work at a fast-food restaurant, but was fired because of an incident with an irate customer on whom she had used her powers. Later that day, she noticed how visibly frustrated Nan was and followed the clairvoyant girl upstairs, who released Fiona Goode's hidden captive, Delphine LaLaurie. Delphine encountered Queenie in the hallway and the two had a heated exchange. Delphine eventually knocked Queenie unconscious with an unexpected blow to the head with a candlestick. [6]

Delphine (posing as the new maid under Fiona's orders) refuses to serve Queenie lunch because of her race. Fiona then forces Delphine to be Queenie's personal slave because she hates racism. While forcing Delphine to make dessert for her, they both see Bastien outside. Queenie manages to draw him away with a sample of Delphine's blood, but rather than kill him, she tries to talk to him, stating that they are both creatures who just want love. She offers herself sexually and he takes her from behind, clasping a semi-hoof hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.[7]

Fiona hears loud noises coming from the greenhouse and discovers a bloodied half dead Queenie just as the Minotaur appears behind Fiona. Fiona hauls Queenie up into her room and gets Cordelia. The two of them frantically try to save Queenie as she dies. She is quickly resurrected by Fiona as she breathes life back into Queenie. Fiona leaves the room, leaving Cordelia to care for Queenie. After Queenie awakes, Delphine LaLaurie appears to thank her for saving her life but Queenie rebuffs her. Later on Halloween night, Queenie hears noise down stares so she goes to investigate. When she gets down, she and the other girls realise that they are surrounded by zombies.[8]

Queenie is told by Nan to rest, but she refuses. Eventually, she is forced upstairs by Zoe in order to be safe. When Delphine does not return with ice for her wounds, she orders Spalding to investigate, only to hear him cry out in pain from being struck by one of Delphine's daughters, now brought back as a zombie. Delphine's daughter sees Queenie and attempts to kill her. Queenie's powers prove useless against it. She is then saved by LaLaurie, who stabbs it in the stomach, killing it. Delphine collapses in tears. Later, the council arrives to pass judgement for whom attacked Cordelia and blinded her. Fiona goes to Queenie and asks for a favour. When the council questions Fiona, she accuses Myrtle Snow for doing the crime. Queenie dips her hand into a cup of acid and Fiona removes Myrtle's glove revealing an scared hand. The other members of the council decide to burn her at the stake. The Coven and the Council, dressed all in black, walk out to a quarry where Myrtle, dressed all in white, is roped to a stake. Myrtle is doused in gasoline and burned.[9]

After finding a spirit board, Zoe presents it to the other students. Queenie provides a cautionary tale before the three young witches use the board to contact a spirit who reveals itself to be the Axeman. He blames them for his murder. The witches research the Axeman on the Internet, and discover the diaries of the 1919 witches. Zoe wants to revive his contact to get answers on Madison, but Queenie and Nan will have none of it. After continuing alone, Zoe finds Madison in the attic and ties up Spalding. When he wakes up, the girls interrogate and torture him, with Nan to read his responses. He lies, claiming that he killed her to feed his necrophiliac appetites. He challenges them to contact the authorities and expose the Coven. Queenie responds by proxy torturing him into unconsciousness. Zoe does not believe Spalding killed Madison. Later, after hearing screams from Cordelia's room, Zoe leads the girls to a book which released the Axeman. After completing the spell, the girls run up stares and check on Cordelia.[10]

Delphine and Queenie go to a fast food drive-thru. Delphine is ecstatic at the food and tells Queenie that Queenie's efforts to bond with the other witches will fail due to race. Queenie decides to pay a visit to Marie, who knows all about her. Over gumbo, Marie tells Queenie about Delphine and offers Queenie amnesty in exchange for Delphine. Queenie leaves, considering the offer. Back at the Academy, Queenie enters the kitchen while Delphine is slicing a ham. The girl asks Delphine what her worst act was. Delphine reluctantly tells her about her old handmaiden, Sally and the beauty elixir Delphine made from Sally's newborn, an illegitimate child fathered by Delphine's husband. Devastated by the child's death, Sally leapt to her death off a high balcony, her body discovered the next morning. Queenie is horrified, but Delphine tells her that she's being honest because she believes Queenie to be a true friend. Queenie leads Delphine to Cornrow City with the ruse of getting a new hairstyle. Queenie tells Delphine the betrayal is on purpose. A screaming Delphine is locked in a cage. Queenie assists Marie in making a LaLaurie style beauty treatment. Using it as she prepares for bed, Marie declares it "beautiful."[11]

One evening, a man assaults Queenie in the desolate part of New Orleans. She picks up a board with nails in it and drive it into her own hand, making him bleed, then whacks him with it for good measure. Madison and Zoe find her and ask her to come back. Queenie says Marie Laveau set her straight about them not being her true friends and that she is working for the voodoo now. Madison taunts her, pointing out that even if Fiona slit her throat, Madison still stays for the Coven while Queenie left just because she was feeling left out. Zoe says that a new Supreme is rising, and Queenie mocks her, asking if Zoe thinks it's her, since Fiona had also lied and told Queenie it could be her. Queenie proceeds to take the beating heart of the man, explaining to the witches that Marie needs a dark heart to make a potion to give Queenie more powers, and the man had raped three school girls already. She tells them that witchcraft and voodoo are too big to both fit in New Orleans, and they are both in the losing side of the upcoming war. [12]

After Fiona returns Delphine's head, Marie orders Queenie to dispose of it by burning it. In her room at the salon, Queenie forces Delphine's head to watch Roots and its sequel, hoping that Delphine will understand Queenie's heritage. After Queenie leaves, Delphine closes her eyes and sings "Dixie" as loud as she can.When Queenie learns that Delphine has kept her eyes shut for the duration of the videos, she plays videos of civil-rights era news footage, accompanied by spirituals, since Delphine is incapable of covering her ears. LaLaurie is left alone again, but appears to be affected by the music and is driven to tears by the images of civil rights abuse. Downstairs, Queenie takes her place at the salon's front desk, as Hank enters, armed with multiple high-powered guns. He storms in and shoots a man armed with his own handgun. He then gets out his handguns and shoots Chantal in the stomach, presumably killing her, and shoots Queenie as well. He walks through the salon and shoots another woman attempting to take him down with a machete. He finds Marie as she attempts to teleport, but he manages to shoot her in the arm. Queenie crawls, weakened by her wounds. She finds a handgun and shoots herself in the mouth, killing Hank and leaving her in an collapsed on the floor.[13]

Queenie, having survived the gut shot, arrives unceremoniously at Nan's funeral. She has also reattached Delphine's severed head and hand back on her body (without any scars as Kyle remarks). Cordelia goes to talk to Queenie, who tells Cordelia her belief that she is the next Supreme as she was not killed by the blessed bullet that she was shot with.[14]

Fiona shows Queenie a silent movie about the Seven Wonders (seven acts of magic a witch must demonstrate to be labeled the Supreme), which leads her to schedule Queenie's test of the Seven Wonders. Queenie tells her that she is on to her, as she considers Fiona's action as another desperate attempt to kill the Supreme. Furious, Fiona denies any kind of evil plan, as she wants to enjoy her last weeks of life peacefully. Queenie needs an explanation for Laveau's absence in the house, so she performs Descensum successfully and finds herself in Chubbie's Chicken Shack, selling chicken to customers. She does not realize what's happening, until Papa Legba explains to her that she has the power to go to Hell and back. Queenie's worst time of her life was while working at Chubbie's, and that is why it is her version of Hell. After successfully managing to come back from Hell, she convinces Papa Legba to take away Laveau and (as a result) LaLaurie's immortality. Meanwhile, Madame LaLaurie is working as a tour guide in her own house, lying about her history after attacking the previous guide. Queenie arrives and offers to help her, but she refuses so Queenie kills her. Later, Cordelia and Queenie find the entombed Misty Day. Queenie uses her powers of resurgence to bring Misty back to life. After Zoe and Kyle return to the coven, Misty, Cordelia and Quennie arrive and Misty attacks Madison. The Axeman, covered in blood, comes downstairs with his axe, screaming that the witches of the house need to pay for what they did. All of them use their powers to throw the Axeman's body backwards. Myrtle points to the blood, and Cordelia makes the claim that it is her mother's and uses her power to see what happened and that the Axeman did kill Fiona. The witches decide he needs to be executed for his crimes against the Coven. Kyle volunteers, but the girls do not allow it and use their abilities to recreate his initial death at the hands of the Academy decades before. The Coven hangs Fiona's portrait and question the future as Cordelia informs the girls they will all be undertaking the tests of the Seven Wonders the coming Sunday at dawn.[2]

The witches prepare their powers to compete in the Seven Wonders, as Stevie Nicks sings "Seven Wonders" in the first floor of the Academy. The witches begin their trials with Telekinesis, and all four witches pass the trial. The next trial is Concilium, which is mind-control. Misty and Queenie succeed on each other. Madison, instead of demonstrating her power on Zoe, makes Kyle, now the new caretaker, drop his tray of beverages and walk over to Madison to kiss her. Zoe responds by making Kyle do the same thing. Furious, Madison makes him choke Zoe. The altercation is broken up by Cordelia, who flings Kyle across the room. For the next challenge, all four witches perform Descensum, travelling to a personal Hell, a sun-up deadline for their return. Queenie, Madison, and then Zoe return. Time expires and Misty, unable to return from her Hell, disintegrates to ash. The next trial is Transmutation, or teleportation. The remaining three witches succeed, and play a game of tag with the power. Zoe ends up teleporting on a pike over the Academy's gateway, and dies. Queenie fails to revive Zoe, removing her from the Seven Wonders running. Madison refuses to revive her and instead proves her power by killing a fly and reviving it. With Queenie failing Vitalum Vitalis, Madison is the sole remaining Supreme candidate. Myrtle convinces Cordelia to take the trials, since she is of royal blood. Cordelia succeeds in the first five challenges, performing Transmutation immediately after her Descensum. Then Madison and Cordelia compete at Divination, which Madison fails. She curses and leaves to pack her belongings to return to Hollywood, threatening to expose the Coven publicly. Cordelia's final task, Vitalum Vitalis, is bringing Zoe back to life. She succeeds and faints shortly after. When she awakes, her vision is restored, and having completed the final trial in the Seven Wonders, is proclaimed the new Supreme.[3]

Cordelia goes public about the witches and their powers in a television interview. Cordelia is later convinced that Myrtle should burned at the stake again and the girls travel to the same spot again where she was burned alive for the first time. Young women surround the Academy, waiting to take their places as students. Cordelia officially invites Queenie and Zoe to be her Council and they accept. Kyle, as the new butler, opens the door for the new students. They settle in, and Cordelia declares to the assembled that their purpose is no longer simply to survive, but to thrive and after one of the new students asks about the Supreme, Queenie states that they are looking at her, so Cordelia smiles with joy.[3]

Hotel Cortez and ApocalypseEdit

Sometime later, Cordelia enchanted Queenie's ticket to see the Price is Right so she will win big. While in Los Angeles Queenie checks into the Hotel Cortez and is unhappy with her room, as she can tell it has some "bad juju". While freshening up in the restroom Ramona Royale jumps out from behind the shower curtain and a fight ensues. Ramona drinks Queenie's blood after James March appears and stabs Queenie.[4]

Queenie's spirit remains trapped with March but Cordelia is unable to help Queenie escape the Hotel Cortez despite her best efforts. Michael Langdon, desperate to prove himself as the next Alpha and prove he can do things Cordelia is unable to, resurrects Queenie.[15]

Queenie is later once again killed by the robot version of Miriam Mead who shoots her multiple times in the chest. Queenie's soul is then destroyed by Michael, preventing any hope of resurrection. [5]

Queenie's death is undone when Mallory travels back to 2015 using Tempus Infinituum and kills Michael by running him over multiple times with her car. Mallory overhears Queenie's excitement over Price is Right and warns her against staying at the Hotel Cortez, preventing her from being killed at the hands of James March and Ramona Royale. [16]