"Anywhere is better than here."
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Nan was a character on FX's American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by guest star Jamie Brewer.



At the iron gates of Miss Robichaux's Academy, Zoe enters what seems an empty antebellum house. Dark figures, cloaked and masked, stalk and grab Zoe, and begin a ritual. One figure mounts the bewildered new student and raises a ceremonial knife. At the last second the figures reveal they are joking and unmask themselves. Zoe recognizes Madison Montgomery, a movie star. The other two introduce themselves as Queenie and Nan. The headmistress, Cordelia Foxx, enters and explains the history of the Academy to the girls. That night during dinner the girls get to know each other, and Nan's clairvoyance is revealed as she constantly, and annoyingly, reveals secrets and information about her fellow students. The next morning Queenie & Nan watch the news as it covers a story about a fatal accident that happened at a frat party, a frat party that Madison and Zoe attended. Fiona Goode, the supreme witch, decides to take the girls out and lecture them about society and the increasing need for witches to defend themselves. It's during this trip that Nan is captured by a clairvoyant reading and wonders off to the museum of Delphine LaLaurie. There she wonders about trying to pinpoint the source of the reading. Fiona finally finds Nan in the backyard of the museum sitting alone. When asked why she is there Nan reveals that the lady of the house is there. Later that night Fiona digs up the still alive LaLaurie from her unmarked grave and takes her to the school where she keeps her captive.[2]

Nan tries to read a book but a loud voice won't leave her alone. She goes up to Fiona's room and unties Madame LaLaurie, telling her she thinks too loud. Queenie comes to investigate and LaLaurie knocks her out with a candlestick.[4]

Queenie and Nan observe Luke Ramsey, the new neighbor, moving into the house next door. The next day, Madison and Nan visit to welcome him to the neighborhood with a homemade cake. As Madison attempts to shamelessly flirt with the boy, his mother Joan mentions that the family is very active in the church. Madison responds by mocking the woman's religion, which prompts her to become angry. Madison uses her Telekinesis to fling the knife across the room, narrowly missing Joan's head. Joan throws Madison and Nan out of her house, but Madison angrily lights the curtains on fire with her mind as she does, displaying a previously unknown Pyrokinesis.[5]

The Council on Witchcraft (Myrtle Snow, Quentin Fleming and Cecily Pembroke) pays a visit to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, Cordelia clumsily lets slip about the Minotaur incident and her entering voodoo territory, necessitating Fiona's placating them. Nan reveals that she sent the Council here because Madison went silent in Nan's head. They are conducting an official inquiry. The death of a descendant of Salem is punishable by incineration. They interrogate Cordelia, Zoe, Queenie, and Nan. They ask, among other things, if she was manifesting new powers. Cordelia notices the rug is missing. They realize that Fiona was aware that Madison gained another power, and Myrtle suspects her of killing Madison for having the potential as the next Supreme. After Nan crafts a shrine for Madison. Luke arrives, bearing cookies to repay the cake Nan brought him. [6] He is not long inside before more seekers arrive at the door. Delphine takes a good look at the zombie trick-or-treaters and recognizes them not as made-up children, but as her own long-dead daughters, the smiling one in the middle being Marie Pauline, the daughter who seduced Bastien shortly before Delphine turned him into the Minotaur. A look outside shows an army of the undead laying siege to the house.[6]

The girls are terrified, but Luke thinks it is all a prank. He finds his way out the door. In Cornrow City, Marie is levitating on her ritual mandala. While Luke walks among the dormant zombies, Marie commands them to begin. They tear apart an innocent bystander. Luke tries to flee for safety but is struck down. Zoe takes charge and has the lights killed and curtains drawn. She then orders everyone upstairs. She tells Spalding to take Delphine and Queenie to his room but when he refuses she says to pick a room. Nan slips out the door and aids Luke to take refuge inside Cordelia's car. Zoe charges to the aid of an exposed Nan and Luke with a chainsaw and quickly dispatches the intruders. Fiona, Nan, and Zoe incinerate the fallen dead army in the yard with a bonfire. Luke is asleep in Nan's bed.[7]

After suspicions rise over the missing Madison and Fiona's aggressive behavior Zoe, Queenie and Nan make a pact over absinthe shots to watch each other's back. The three young witches use a spirit board in hopes to find the possibly deceased Madison. Instead of contacting Madison they contact The Axeman at which point Queenie ends the seance. Zoe tries to convince the Witches to reestablish contact with the Axeman, but neither Nan nor Queenie are interested, so Zoe goes it alone. After discovering the whereabouts of Madison's corpse in Spalding's room, Zoe brings Nan and Queenie to interrogate him. Nan use's her Clairvoyance, or more specifically her telepathy, to translate for the mute, though her modesty does not permit her to quote Spalding's verbatim.[8]

Nan become increasingly more worried about Luke, who's mother won't let Nan see him, as his thoughts suggest to her that he is being harmed. Despite her concerns, Cordelia reminds Nan that the coven has more pressing matters to attend to. The remaining witches at the School will concoct a plan to kill Fiona. With the help of Myrtle Snow this plan becomes the ritual called The Sacred Taking. After the newly resurrected Madison tries to convince Fiona to commit suicide, the girls all gather on the school stairway and discuss who could be the possible new Supreme. When Nan is dismissed as a possibility she storms off. Nan decides that she will visit Luke and as she approaches his home she uses, for the first time, telekinesis to open the front door. She follows the sounds of grunting up to a closet on the second floor where she finds Luke bound and gagged. After releasing him Luke insists that they leave, Nan kisses him on the cheek and agrees. They are stopped before they can reach the front door by Luke's mother, Joan Ramsey. She threatens to call the police and report Nan as an intruder. As the mother and son get into a brief altercation Hank Foxx, who had been following Nan since she left the school, raises his gun and fires. The bullets hit Joan twice killing her and before one can hit Nan Luke jumps into the way to save her and it hits him instead. Nan is immediately distraught and insists that Luke can not die because she is his Supreme. Luke does not die and is taken to the hospital in critical care, with Nan going with him while Fiona orders Misty to resurrect Joan. After being brought back to life, Joan attends to Luke and bars Nan from seeing him.[3]

Death of LukeEdit

When Madison and Zoe come to collect Nan she reveals that she hasn't seen Luke since he was taken in. The witches help Nan find Luke against his mother's wishes. Joan becomes furious at their presence and blames them for this incident. Nan uses her powers to speak for a comatose Luke, telling his mother to calm down. Nan uses Luke's thoughts to prove that she is a mind-reader and can help Joan, resulting in Madison ultimately revealing that they are witches and Nan is clairvoyant. Joan then allows for Nan's continued presence when Nan says that Luke wishes his mother to sing "A Closer Walk With Thee." After singing to Joan, she embraces Nan and accepts her. Joan returns to the room with snacks and expresses gratitude towards Nan. However, Nan listens to Luke and reveals that Luke has seen God and that God is judging Joan for the murder of her husband after Joan saw him with another woman, using bees and making it appear as an accident as her husband was deeply allergic to bee stings. Joan rebukes this truth and orders Nan out of the room. Nan is then comforted by Madison and taken back to the house as Joan then smothers Luke to death. After she finds out that Luke is dead and his mother suffocated him with a pillow, Nan compels Joan to drink bleach, killing her.[9]

Back at Miss Robichaux's, Nan's clairvoyance leads her to the baby that Marie Laveau kidnapped from the hospital and intended on killing it in sacrifice to Papa Legba. Compromised at this point by her knowledge and their predicament, Marie and Fiona drown Nan in a bathtub as a substitute for the "innocent" that Marie had intended to sacrifice, rationalizing that while not a complete innocent, Nan is close enough. When her soul appears, she asks if she will be stuck in her dress for all eternity, but Papa Legba assures her she won't and that her afterlife is filled with treats. She goes with him though she comments it is better than being in the coven. [1]

During the Apocalypse, Cordelia and Laveau's successor, Dinah Stevens, contact Papa Legba so that Cordelia can make a deal for his assistance in catching Michael Langdon. Nan is shown to be Papa Legba's helper and enjoys her position. Nan is also excited at the thought of being reunited with her sisters when Papa Legba requires the souls of all the coven members for his services though Cordelia turns the offer down.


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