"Forgiveness, you say? Forgiveness is, and always will be, the high road... the preferred road. Would that we had such luxury. Oh, Quentin. Not to worry. It's just a bit of monkshood in your balls. Causes temporary paralysis. "Human Statue Syndrome," we call it. I believe it's the nervous system first. You lose control over your limbs, the muscles harden into cement, and it feels like ice in your veins. Then the respiratory system. Or is it the other way around? Well, no matter. It's supposed to be quite terrifying, is it? Are you terrified? You should be. At any rate, I'm not going to kill you. Well, maybe after dessert. I put a lot of effort into the key lime pie. I do love a key lime pie, even more than a ile flottante. Call me a Philistine! Enough chit-chat. You've both wanted to eliminate me for years, so you could dominate the Council. But I was never worried you'd be hapless enough to try. Quentin! You're a fatuous fool and a drunk! Pembie, you're even worse. You're weak-willed, boring, and your fashion faux pas give me nightmares. I invited you here not to chastise you or exact revenge, But to help out the coven. To help out my beloved Cordelia. Ha! I bet you thought, "Oh, she left the melon baller in there. She's growing old and forgetful!""
Myrtle to Cecily Pembroke and Quentin Fleming[src]

Myrtle Snow was a character on American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by starring cast member Frances Conroy and guest star Michelle Page.



Myrtle Snow was a student in Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies the same time as Fiona and several other witches during the time Anna Leigh Leighton was the Supreme. It is obvious that she disliked Fiona.[3]

After the disappearance of Anna Leigh, (the audience and Spalding are aware that Fiona killed her) Fiona is questioned by the Council and she lies, claiming that she does not know where Anna Leigh disappeared to, and further backs up the Council's notion that Anna Leigh intended her to be the next Supreme, despite Anna Leigh telling Fiona before her murder that she was going to make sure Fiona would never be Supreme. During a party held in the Academy to announce Fiona's appointment as Supreme Elect, Myrtle does not cheer with the rest of the witches and confides in a friend that she detected Fiona lying to the Council, since it's a guardian that can detect when lies are told. She whispers to Fiona that she suspects her of murder, but Fiona just laughs and uses her telekinesis to drop Myrtle's glass onto the floor. That night, Myrtle enchants Spalding's tongue to prevent him from lying. Knowing that Spalding cleans up Fiona's messes, he probably cleaned up Anna Leigh. She confides this to her friend, saying that she summoned the council to question him. Unfortunately, Spalding hears this and, for his love for Fiona, cuts out his own tongue before the Council can arrive. Myrtle notices that Fiona was in the bathroom where Spalding cut his tongue before the headmistress could arrive, and suspects Fiona to be the one who cut his tongue out.[3]

Leader of the CouncilEdit

Fiona manages to become the Supreme, while Myrtle becomes the next Head of the Witches Council. She remains rivals with Fiona, whom she believes to be absent in the necessary duties a Supreme should fulfill. At one point, Fiona has a daughter named Cordelia with an unknown husband (since Fiona mentioned that she had three husbands in her lifetime) and abandoned her daughter in the Academy as soon as it became evident that Cordelia began showing witch powers. There, Cordelia and Myrtle form a close bond, which is why Cordelia's personality in using witchcraft is more similar to Myrtle than Fiona's reckless usage. Myrtle claimed later on that she was more of a mother to Cordelia than Fiona was, but didn't want children of her own because she wanted to devote her life to the Coven.[3][5]

After Zoe discovers her Black Widow powers, Myrtle and her man-servants escort her from her home to the Academy in New Orleans. She turns down Mrs. Benson's plea to at least drive her daughter to the train station, saying it will only hurt Zoe.[6]

Nan summons the council when she believes Madison to be dead, since she can no longer hear her thoughts. If it can be proven that a witch killed Madison, a fellow descendant of Salem, she will be executed by fire. They begin questioning the students and Cordelia. Nan lets slip the incident in the Ramsey house where Madison's pyrokinesis surfaced, and that other than herself, Fiona is the only other witch who knows about it; Myrtle deduces the possibility that Fiona killed Madison in fear that she would take Fiona's powers. She accuses Fiona of murdering Anna-Leigh and Madison and of severing Spalding's tongue to prevent him from telling the truth. She asks Spalding to write down the name of the one responsible for cutting his tongue off. Spalding would not have had to cut it off, had Myrtle not enchanted it, making her the one responsible. The sight of her name on the paper is enough to send Myrtle into an uproar, claiming that Fiona always gets away with it. But Cordelia is quick to defend her mother, stating that Fiona had no reason to murder Madison, since Madison had a secret heart murmur and could not have been the next Supreme, since one of the hallmarks of a rising Supreme is radiant health.[3]

Burned at the StakeEdit

After accusing Fiona of neglectful behavior, she and the council demand Fiona's resignation. Fiona accuses Myrtle of trying to take a back-door to the Supremehood, and accuses her of attacking Cordelia and then shows evidence of Myrtle stalking Fiona and being inside New Orleans the time Madison was killed. However, Fiona "proves" (with the help of Queenie) that Myrtle was the one who attacked Cordelia by using Queenie's voodoo doll powers to put acid burn marks on Myrtle's hand. Cecily and Quentin vote to burn Myrtle, which occurs with the coven and council members looking on. She was then resurrected by Misty and is, later, seen under mounds of dirt, slowly healing.[1][7]

After that an unknown enemy attacks Misty's Shack, the two flee for the Miss Robichaux's. Already in the academy, Myrtle convinced that Misty is the next Supreme, she starts the ritual "The Sacred Taking" and, along with the other witches, she sets out a plan to make Fiona commit suicide. She is seen at the end of the episode ringing piano and is amazed to learn that Fiona is still alive.[4]

After feeling appalling for Cordelia’s affliction, Myrtle recalls the time when Cordelia was brought to Miss Robichaux's. Since that day Myrtle stands clear to have loved Cordelia like a daughter, and questions her if she believes that Myrtle caused her blinding. Cordelia states that she knew this whole time it was not her doing. Myrtle, still affected, calls her former co-workers, Cecily and Quentin over for melon balls and discusses her resurrection. Myrtle then tricks them into eating monkshood located in their melon balls and they are temporally paralyzed. Myrtle then takes the melon baller, and carves out one of each of their eyes. Myrtle places the eyes in Cordelia’s sockets and she can finally see again; however her power departed.[5]

When Cordelia was having an emotional crisis at the greenhouse Myrtle tried to calm her down. She plays the theremin which Cordelia remarks that it makes horrible and awful noise. Cordelia soon then breaks things and while Myrtle still continues playing the theremin.[8]

Myrtle was in the dining area with the others and admires the soup that Delphine made. When there was a commotion at Madison and Zoe's room upstairs Myrtle and Madison had a little fight as Myrtle made remarks about Madison. At some time at night. Myrtle meets Fiona at the staircase saying now that Cordelia is a hero now and she should let her test by the power, Fiona goes downstairs instead. At some time at the Greenhouse, Myrtle calls Zoe there and gave her a jewelry and use it to leave the academy with Kyle.[9]

In the legacy room, Myrtle brought flowers while Fiona was being painted for her portrait. At night, Madison discuss Misty's entombment with Myrtle and as Kyle and Zoe returns she was in a state of shock later discovering that Zoe actually enjoyed what happened in Florida with Kyle. When the girls attacked the Axeman at some time. Cordelia stayed behind with Myrtle. Later, Myrtle is with the others witches admiring Fiona's portrait.[10]

Myrtle pushes Cordelia to find her true power and become the supreme. Some time later, after Cordelia's powers as supreme fully manifest, Myrtle, Queenie, and Zoe cry about the beauty of Cordelia's televised invitation to the academy, which resulted in more than 30 girls expressing interest in attending. Myrtle had suggested that Queenie and Zoe become members of the council since she was leaving by fire. Myrtle insisted that Cordelia burn her at the stake for killing her former colleagues. Myrtle is last seen on the stake in a beautiful, long red dress and sun glasses. Her last words are "Balenciaga!" and tell Cordelia to burn her. Cordelia lifts her hand and uses her power to end Myrtle.[2]


Character NotesEdit

  • Myrtle Snow has been absent in three episodes overall throughout the season. Those episodes are "Boy Parts", "The Replacements" and "The Dead". This makes her the main character with the least amount of appearances throughout the season.
  • Myrtle can play the theremin. She claims it soothes her soul in stressing times.
  • During the performance of the Seven Wonders, Myrtle notes that her favorite power is telekinesis.
  • Myrtle's last words "Balenciaga" is a notable French fashion house founded by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.
  • Myrtle was the only witch to be burned twice at the stake.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Myrtle Snow bears a slight resemblance with another witch, Professor Trelawney, from the Harry Potter series and portrayed by Emma Thompson into movie adaptation, in both personality and appearance. Both "Harry Potter" and "Coven" respectively focus on schools for witches.