{{Character |name = Marie Laveau |story = Coven |image = 307Marie.png |portrayer = Angela Bassett |sortkey = Laveau, Marie |species = *Witch

|hair color = Black |eye color = Brown |occupation = *Voodoo Queen

|cause of death = Dismembered by Delphine LaLaurie and sent to Hell[1] (Resurrected)
Heart ripped out by Michael Langdon [2] (Undone by Mallory) |family = Unnamed Son |relationships = The Minotaur (lover) |first = Bitchcraft |last = Apocalypse Then |gender = Female |magic = *Telekinesis[3]

"I thought I was the shit back then: I had just come into my prime and my magic was strong...shockingly strong. I was pregnant, and I did not accept the idea of death. I was invincible. Papa must've heard me. Showed up one night. Said you can have eternal life, Marie, I come to you once a year, you give me what I want. I thought he meant some kind of sexual favors. Seemed it was simple enough at the time. I wished for it. It came true. Unknowingly, I made a deal forged in hell."
Marie to Fiona Goode, regarding her Immortality[src]

Marie Laveau was a character on American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by special guest star Angela Bassett.



Marie Laveau's lover Bastien is taken by Madame Delphine LaLaurie so Marie goes to LaLaurie's mansion claiming to have a vitality potion guaranteed to end her marital troubles. When LaLaurie drinks it, she begins convulsing and collapses to the floor, seemingly poisoned to death.[5] Madame LaLaurie awakes after taking the "love potion" from Marie Laveau, she goes outside to face Laveau with a lynch mob of dozens of the black slaves she's been abusing for years. Her own husband and three daughters are strung up dead. She explains it wasn't a love potion but an immortality potion she gave LaLaurie. Laveau condemns her to a fate worse than death as the crowd puts her in a wooden box and buries her.[6]


At Marie Laveau's hair salon, Cora is an optimist with hope for a better life for her son, to which Marie feels the opposite. After Marie and Cora discover her son's dead body, she decides that retaliation is the key. That night, she performs a complex voodoo ritual that involves sacrificing snakes to call forth the dead bodies in a local cemetery. As Marie controls them with her mind, the zombies locate the men responsible for the murder and brutally kill them by eviscerating them alive.[7]


Marie meets with Anna-Leigh and a truce is proclaimed between the Salem witches and the voodoo practitioners, ending a 10 year war between the two.[7]

Getting Revenge on the CovenEdit

In 2014, Fiona goes to a Conrow City to find Marie. Marie recognizes Fiona as a witch. As a practitioner of voodoo, she's no fan of witches. She claims the witches of Salem from whom Fiona is descended got their magic from her ancestor, Tituba. Marie Laveau is supposedly buried in a tomb in St. Louis Cemetery, but Fiona found her in the 9th Ward. Fiona confides that she wants to know her secret to immortality. Marie calls her muscle to toss Fiona out, so Fiona lights her racks of wigs on fire, promising she'll be back. Later that night at the salon, Marie speaks with a shadowy figure and tells him that someone has returned. The figure is revealed to be Bastien, still with the Bull's head on.[6]

Cordelia is told by her doctor that she will never be able to get pregnant, so as a last effort, she pays a visit to Marie Laveau and begs her to perform a voodoo fertility ritual on her. Laveau mocks Cordelia and turns her away, telling her that she will never help the daughter of her sworn enemy, and that there is a war brewing between her Coven and the voodoo practitioners.[8]

As Marie Laveau and her friend Chantal work, a mysterious package arrives at the salon. At first, Marie Laveau thinks that it is hair that was due to arrive later, but when Chantal opens the box, a grisly surprise awaits them. Marie Laveau looks inside, and discovers that Fiona had decapitated the Minotaur and sent his severed head (still alive) to her. Furious, Marie Laveau prepares for the same voodoo ceremony that she did in 1961 calling on the dead to exact revenge. As Chantal frantically tries to talk her out of it, reminding her of the truce between the witches made in 1971, Marie Laveau declares that the truce is over.[7]

In her trance, Marie Laveau reanimates deceased copses and levitates off of the floor and order the zombies to start attacking the school (coven). At the school, Zoe is cornered and uses her new power and breakes Marie's spell. Back at the salon, Marie comes crashing to the ground, saying they've got serious power at the witch house.[9]

Hank shows up at Cornrow City, and Marie is not surprised to see him. He heads inside, telling her that they have a problem. Marie has hired Hank (a witch hunter), who has been undercover for 6 years. He has been killing the witches over the years. Marie thinks that Hank has gone soft and is upset at the witches' recent actions. Marie demands that Hank bring her all the heads of the witches as soon as possible, or she will kill him.[10]

Queenie decides to pay a visit to Marie, who knows all about her. Over gumbo, Marie tells Queenie about Delphine and offers Queenie amnesty in exchange for Delphine. Queenie leaves, considering the offer. Later, Queenie leads Delphine to Cornrow City with the ruse of getting a new hairstyle. Queenie tells Delphine the betrayal is on purpose. A screaming Delphine is locked in a cage. Queenie assists Marie in making a LaLaurie style beauty treatment. Using it as she prepares for bed, Marie declares it "beautiful."[11]

At Marie Leveau's, Queenie serves a caged Delphine LaLaurie some fast food. Delphine asks Queenie what she did to deserve her betrayal, begging Queenie for release. Marie interrupts them and Queenie leaves. Delphine scoffs at Marie's taunts, pointing out she cannot die. Marie produces a large sword, mocking Delphine's lack of imagination. She hacks off Delphine's hand, warning that she's just getting started.[12]

Fiona carries Delphine's head in a box into Cornrow City and asks Marie about an alliance. When Marie shows no concern about the witch hunters, Fiona suggests they will eradicate the voodoo tribe after the witches are dead. Marie stands her ground and orders Queenie, who now works in the beauty parlor, to dispose of Delphine's head. Later, Hank eats takeout food in his home. Wounds appear on his body and he convulses in odd angles on the floor. Marie has begun a voodoo doll ritual on him. A man kicks in his door and tells him he is feeling the wrath of broken promises. Hank's cell phone rings and the man answers it, holding it to Hank's ear. Marie tells him the witches die that night or the next needle will put a hole in his heart. Later, Downstairs, Queenie takes her place at the salon's front desk, as Hank enters, armed with multiple high-powered guns. He storms in and shoots a man armed with his own handgun. He then gets out his handguns and shoots Chantal in the stomach, presumably killing her, and shoots Queenie as well. He walks through the salon and shoots another woman attempting to take him down with a machete. He finds Marie as she attempts to teleport, but he manages to shoot her in the arm. Queenie crawls, weakened by her wounds. She finds a handgun and shoots herself in the mouth, killing Hank and leaving her in an unknown state. That night, Marie arrives at the Academy with her arm bandaged. She enters the Academy, and a knowing Fiona closes the door.[13]

Becoming Allies with the CovenEdit

Shortly after being sheltered in the Coven, Marie Laveau steals a newborn baby from a hospital in the middle of the night—after being reminded of an old agreement with dark forces in the form of Papa Legba. The next day, Fiona, finding out Hank was hired by Laveau, is furious that Cordelia allowed witch hunters into the Coven and plans a scheme against them before they strike again. At night, Marie Laveau nurses Fiona, weakened from executing a jinx to ruin Delphi Trust (the witch hunters's wealthy front); Laveau then reveals the source of her immortality: "to sell the soul to Papa Legba, an ancient voodoo spirit, and obey his commands no matter what once a year", which in Marie's case is to get him an innocent life starting with her own baby centuries ago. Later, Marie Laveau and Fiona decide to get rid of Nan, considering her too dangerous after she finds the stolen newborn for Papa Legba and starts claiming she would be a better and kinder Supreme. They offer her as sacrifice to Papa Legba, drowning her in the bathtub. He reluctantly accepts the substitute for the newborn and warns Laveau and Fiona of being "trouble" together.[3]

In the cemetery, Fiona delivers a eulogy for Nan, who "fell in the tub", which includes a mention of the new union with Marie. Queenie arrives with a leashed Delphine, to Marie and Fiona's dismay. Later, Delphine internally muses on her childhood while ignored or scoffed by the other household members (except for Myrtle's gushing over her cooking). Marie threatens what she will do to Delphine in the future. A bleeding black gardener reminds Delphine about what used to feed her soul, and she tortures him while he is bound and gagged. Later, The Delphi Trust men arrive for a meeting with Fiona and Marie. The men will make reparations to Marie and a 100 year truce in exchange for an end to the magical siege. Fiona counters with a demand for the dissolution of the witch hunters, a house and a private jet. Or that they all just die. The waiter reveals himself to be the Axeman and kills all the men except Harrison, who says killing them will not end the war and tells Fiona to go to hell. Fiona hacks his throat with the Axeman's axe. After Fiona goes to meet the Axeman, Marie insults Delphine while drinking a Benadryl-laced cocktail. Delphine stabs her, but Marie pulls out the knife and tells Delphine she is a fool for trying to kill her with an antihistamine. As she chases Delphine, Spalding steps out and hits her in the head with his doll, knocking her down the stairs.[14] deceased

She is tortured and hacked apart by Delphine before being scattered. Because of Queenie's logic that due to her being dismembered she can no longer carry out her side of the bargain, Papa Legba takes her soul. She is later seen in Hell torturing Delphine's daughter. She comes to her senses and doesn't want to torture her but Papa Legba makes her because he owns her soul. She realizes that she died.[1]


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