"Tonight I'm going to let the whole world in and get a good look at me. Who's the baddest witch in town?"
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Fiona Borgia Vandenheuvel Goode[7] is a character on American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by starring cast member Jessica Lange and guests star Riley Voelkel & Kate Paige.


Becoming SupremeEdit

At Miss Robichaux's Academy, a Fiona is approached by Anna-Leigh Leighton, headmistress and reigning Supreme. Fiona begins questioning Anna-Leigh as to when she knew she was destined to take the throne. After she explains to her that in order to become the Supreme, a witch must master and be able to perform the "Seven Wonders", Fiona responds that she is ready and wants to show off her skills to the Council of Witchcraft. Fiona points out that according to witch mythology, as the new Supreme begins to flourish, the old one begins to fade, noting Anna-Lee's numerous recent medical disabilities. When Anna-Leigh dismisses her once more and swears that she will never take the throne of Supreme, Fiona cuts her throat, killing her.[5]

Following the death of Anna-Leigh, Fiona is questioned by the Witches' Council about her disappearance. When the council comes to the conclusion that Anna-Leigh has abdicated her position, they tell Fiona that she is to become the next Supreme, the youngest in the history of the Coven. In the week leading up to her test in which she will perform the Seven Wonders in order to prove she has what it takes to rise to the throne, all are celebrating for Fiona except for her rival: Myrtle Snow. She knows that Fiona killed Anna-Leigh, even though nobody suspects her. She decides that she will force the truth to come forward by performing a spell on the butler Spalding, who has been known to follow Fiona around and always clean her mess, by enchanting his tongue and forcing him to come forward with his knowledge of the murder. Unbeknownst to Myrtle, Spalding heard her make her plan to make him implicate Fiona, and he calls her to the bathroom in private. It is revealed that he cut out his own tongue to protect Fiona, whom he admits that he always loved.[4]

Finding the Next SupremeEdit

Fiona Goode is sitting in a luxurious office, where Dr. Zhong tells her of a new drug that may, possibly, reverse aging. Intrigued by the promising serum, she demands that she be given it immediately. Taken aback by the forceful request, the scientist informs her that the drug must first be put through the proper trials and review before being administered. Disinterested in these bureaucratic obstacles, she reminds him that she holds the purse strings to his research and he eventually submits. In her room in Los Angeles, Fiona is in a cocaine-fueled rage. The serum isn't working. The scientist visits the witch at her request and is met with her distress that the once-promising serum is not working. Angry himself and fed up with the vain woman, he rebuts that aging is a part of life; that all humans die. He tenders his resignation and is about to leave when Fiona telekinetically bars the doors and throws him against a wall. She then drains him of his life force until he is nothing more than a withered corpse. Fiona smiles at her now youthful appearance, but the happiness is short-lived as her face quickly returns to its former state. Her magic isn't strong enough to grant her eternal youth. Fiona returns to New Orleans after learning that the necromancer, Misty Day, was burned at the stake. She confronts her daughter, Cordelia Foxx, in the academy she heads, Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Her daughter informs her that she is not welcome, but Fiona is indifferent to her daughter's rejection and resolutely informs Cordelia that she isn't leaving and that she will promptly start teaching the students how to defend themselves. The next day, Fiona decides to take the students out. As they walk about, she lectures the four students of the school, Nan, Zoe, Madison, and Queenie, about the need for witches to stick together and stand strong. After Nan wanders away from a tour of the grounds of Delphine LaLaurie's former residence, Fiona tracks the clairvoyant down and, from there, discovers the location of LaLaurie's grave. Later that night, she employs two men to disinter the coffin, revealing a very much alive LaLaurie. She unties the woman and sneeringly offers to buy her a drink.[2]

Fiona brings the confused woman home to bind and gag her, only allowing her to speak when she asks about the secret of LaLaurie's immortality. She hides LaLaurie's presence from Cordelia, who notices a strange, disgusting smell from her mother's room. Fiona's questioning of Delphine is interrupted by the arrival of detectives, who ask Madison and Zoe about the deaths of the frat boys, especially the one Zoe killed in the hospital. Just as Zoe cracks under the pressure, Fiona steps in, magically forcing the detectives to hand over their evidence and forget about their visit. She telekinetically throws the girls across the room before warning them that the only thing they should be afraid of in this wicked world is her, Fiona. Fiona learns from Delphine that it was Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, who cursed her with immortality before burying her alive. Fiona visits a hair salon downtown, which is run by Marie Laveau, who appears not a day older than she was when she cursed Delphine. The two women square off, exchanging insults, while Marie does Fiona's hair. The Supreme subtly mentions leverage she has against Marie and asks for the secret of immortality, but the Voodoo Queen laughs in her face. As she orders her servants to throw Fiona out, the witch magically sets fire to a shelf of expensive wigs. She taunts Marie over her "shit-hole of a shop" before leaving. After finding out that Delphine escaped, Fiona tracks her down in front of her former mansion. Delphine is depressed and the two bond, despite the fact that Fiona points out that Delphine deserved her punishment. Delphine hopes that Fiona will kill her and the Supreme says she might at some point, but not yet. The two women return home.[3]

Fiona visits her resident plastic surgeon for a last-ditch attempt at retaining whatever youth and beauty she has left, only to be told that a problem in her immune system raises concern for him. She begins to sense that this means there is a new Supreme on the horizon and her time may be running out. Later, Delphine LaLaurie continues to struggle to adapt to modern life. She is told by Fiona that she will assume the role of the maid in order to blend in. When she gets into an altercation with Queenie, Fiona makes her act as Queenie's personal slave as a punishment for her racist behavior. Later, Joan confronts Fiona with the news of her argument with Madison, Fiona ignores Joan's fanatical rantings but is perturbed by the fact that Madison lit her curtains on fire with her mind. She begins to suspect that the fact that she is displaying new powers means Madison is next in line to become the Supreme. Fiona takes Madison to the same bar that she frequents, and gets her drunk. She gets her to control a man and make him stand in the middle of the road. When they arrive back at the school, Fiona tells Madison that Fiona has cancer and will be dead in less than a year and Madison offers her chemotherapy but she refuses. She also explains that she is dying because there is a new Supreme getting ready to take the throne, and she thinks it's Madison. She brings Madison to the exact spot where she murdered Anna-Leigh, where she seemingly begs Madison to put her out of her misery before cutting Madison's throat and leaving her to die on the ground and then stares at Spalding telling him to clean up the mess and hide the body.[5]

Fiona sits in a chair with a drink, while watching Spalding roll up Madison in the rug. Sensing something is wrong, she goes to Cordelia's greenhouse, where the Minotaur has attacked Queenie. After helping Queenie back to the Academy, she storms into Cordelia's room blaming her for the attack. While she and Cordelia argue, Queenie, now unconscious, is dead. However, Fiona magically breathes life back into the injured student. Later, while getting ready to go out, she has a brief discussion with LaLaurie. After Cordelia nervously reveals the attack on Queenie and her visit to Marie Laveau to the Witches Council, Fiona walks in and tells her daughter to stop talking. She insults Myrtle and greets the other two members of the council. Myrtle informs Fiona that a student has alerted them to the possible death of a student. After the Council questions Cordelia and the other students, Fiona is again before the Council. Myrtle describes to Fiona all of her failings while she has been Supreme. Fiona seems unaffected and unconcerned by her lack of leadership. After being questioned about Madison's murder by Myrtle she manages to get away with her crimes again, much to Myrtle's dismay. After the Council leaves, Fiona and Cordelia head to the bar to relax. They have a discussion in which they both ask for the other to tell the truth. Cordelia takes a bathroom break.[4]

At the bar, Fiona hears Cordelia scream from the attack, and calls for an ambulance. In the hospital waiting room, Dr. Wilson tells Fiona that it was sulfuric acid and they couldn't save Cordelia's eyesight, her face as a result is badly scarred. Fiona raids the pharmacy for pills, she thinks she sees the hooded figure who scarred Cordelia. Fiona stumbles into a room where a woman has just given birth to a stillborn baby, which is still in the room. Fiona brings the dead infant to the woman, telling her to hold her and talk to her. She tells the woman what to say to her, Fiona brushes her hand over her and the baby starts breathing. Hank makes it to Cordelia's bedside. He and Fiona fight with each other, until a nurse enters and threatens to call security. Fiona leaves to give him 15 minutes with Cordelia before she throws him out. The following morning, at the Academy, the undead bodies are being burned. Fiona thanks Zoe for protecting the Coven. LaLaurie comes out to watch her dead daughters burn. The Council returns and reviews Fiona's transgressions. They order that Fiona abdicate her Supremacy. The Council will rule until the new Supreme reveals herself. Fiona refuses, then accuses Myrtle of the acid attack on Cordelia. Fiona sees Myrtle under the black hood in the hospital under woozy flashback. She also accuses Myrtle of killing Madison saying she was in town when it happened, surprising the Council. Fiona reveals she and Spalding had tracked down Myrtle under an alias in a hotel and found pictures of her taped up all over the walls with pentagrams drawn on them, Fiona shows them. Myrtle objects that Fiona has to be stopped and they think that sounds like a confession. Round the corner, Queenie dips her hand in a glass of acid. Fiona pulls off Myrtle's gloves to reveal her acid-burned hands. Cecily and Quentin vote to "burn the witch". The Coven and the Council, dressed all in black, walk out to a quarry where Myrtle, dressed all in white, is roped to a stake. Myrtle is doused in gasoline and burned. Back at the house, Queenie asks Fiona if she framed an innocent or guilty woman. Queenie thought they were going to oust Myrtle, not burn her. Queenie isn't sure she can live with it. Fiona tells Queenie that nobody is innocent. Fiona flatters Queenie, telling her she can teach her and help build her powers, maybe even to become the next Supreme.[8]

Fiona is receiving chemotherapy when she unexpectedly starts reading minds of those around her, an ability she never had before. Unnerved, she removes her IV line and tries to leave, but the doctor convinces her to resume her treatment. She prepares Cordelia's room when her daughter enters with Hank. She is unhappy with the significance of Fiona's flower selection. Cordelia brushes against Hank and it leads to another vision of Hank's infidelity. Cordelia confronts him about it, but he stammers. She drives him away. A touch from Fiona shows a vision of Myrtle's execution. Cordelia is aghast that Fiona didn't tell her. Fiona leaves her daughter to her grief. Later, at a bar, Fiona enjoys a drink when she is greated by the Axeman, who offers her a drink.[6]

The Axeman and Fiona enjoy a nightcap in an apartment that Fiona believes to be his. They talk about his past and she excuses herself to his bathroom. A primp in the mirror results in some hair falling out from Fiona's head. Distraught from the clump of hair in her hand, she is distracted from the fresh corpse hidden in the bathtub. He tries to entice her to stay but she insists on leaving what she deems a failing one-night stand. Not willing to let her go, he holds the door and seduces her into staying for some jazz-inspired sex; the light bulbs explode during their climax. Fiona dresses to leave the next morning and reveals that she is aware of the corpse in his bathtub. She says she's called the police but he doesn't believe her. He thinks she seeks an emotional connection and reveals that he's been watching her since she was 8 years old. A flashback shows a bullied Fiona being protected by the unseen Axeman. He's fallen in love with her over years of ghostly observation, fatherly attention turning to infatuation. Fiona is both intrigued and repulsed by his obsession.[9]

The Axeman asks Fiona to run away with him, but she doesn't want to be a burden to him. However, she wants to stay alive as long as possible, knowing her cancer is rapidly advancing from one of the girls obtaining her Supreme powers. Fiona just needs to figure out which one it is. Back at the academy, Fiona's health continues to deteriorate. She violently vomits in her bathroom, then finds Madison dancing around her bed. Madison claims to be the next Supreme by reviving herself and Fiona's punishment will be burning at the stake. She convinces Fiona to avoid that fate and swallow the handful of pills given to her. Fiona starts packing immediately after Madison leaves. Myrtle appears, telling her that Madison resurrected her. Fiona tells her she's not ready, that she's found a true love to take care of her. Myrtle shows Fiona wasting away in a hospital bed, with the Axeman complaining about the smells and of how long Fiona is taking to die. In her room, Fiona prepares herself for death, with Myrtle's help. She asks Myrtle to look after Cordelia, takes a handful of pills and lays down on the bed. She tells Myrtle to hang her portrait in the spot she chose in the foyer. Myrtle takes some of Fiona's jewelry, then walks out. Fiona wakes to a voice calling to her. Spalding (Denis O'Hare) tells her he wants to give her something to purge the pills, explaining why he could now speak and that he was murdered. She resists taking the ipecac, believing she was doing the right thing for the Coven. He implies she is taking the coward's way out. He then tells her she was duped by the others—Madison isn't dead, but isn't the next Supreme. Misty resurrected her. Fiona takes the ipecac, vomits the pills, and vows that she will avenge both Spalding's death and her own. Downstares, the witches wait for Fiona to die, but she comes down enters the room, asking about the swamp witch. Misty is across the street, as paramedics are tending to Luke. Fiona joins her and compels an officer to tell her what happened. He tells them Luke is wounded and the mother is dead. Fiona then challenges Misty to bring Joan Ramsey back. Misty revives Joan Ramsey and collapses. The next morning, Cordelia fears Fiona's wrath. Instead, Fiona admires the Coven's resilience and believes there is hope for its future. Fiona then sees the blessed silver bullet Cordelia found—a witch hunter is in New Orleans. Cordelia tells Fiona the Coven needs their Supreme, now more than ever. With no servants to be found, Fiona answers the front doorbell, only to find a cardboard box on the porch. She scans it with magic, takes it inside and opens it. Inside is Delphine LaLaurie's head staring back at her, whispering for help.[10]

Fiona carries Delphine's head in a box into Cornrow City and asks Marie about an alliance. When Marie shows no concern about the witch hunters, Fiona suggests they will eradicate the voodoo tribe after the witches are dead. Marie stands her ground and orders Queenie, who now works in the beauty parlor, to dispose of Delphine's head. Later, after finding out that her daughter has new eyes, a shocked Fiona studies Cordelia's new eyes and inquires about the donors. Myrtle says they wish to remain anonymous, as a flashback shows her dismembering the bodies in the greenhouse and disposing of the limbs in barrels of acid. Fiona and Myrtle bicker and Cordelia reminds them that the danger to the Coven is not internal. Myrtle hugs Cordelia as she leaves and Cordelia realizes that she has lost her second-sight power. Later, Hank is gathering his things and is met by a growling German Shepherd and Fiona. She says they needed more protection. He says that is why he's there, and she mocks his masculinity. She and the dog pass him by, and the dog scratches on a bedroom door. She opens it and the dog runs to Kyle. Fiona tells Kyle to leave and calls the dog, but in a sideways allusion to Of Mice and Men, as she leaves the room, she hears Kyle clumsily snap the dog's neck. Zoe, Nan, and Madison return to the Academy to find Kyle and Fiona playing gin rummy, with Kyle winning. The girls discover Fiona has "spruced up" Kyle, not simply to have a better card partner, but also to provide the Coven with a "guard dog" that will attack on command. That night, Marie arrives at the Academy with her arm bandaged after nearly getting killed by Hank. She enters the Academy, and a knowing Fiona closes the door.[11]

Fiona, finding out Hank was hired by Laveau, is furious that Cordelia allowed witch hunters into the Coven and plans a scheme against them before they strike again. Later, Misty Day is overwhelmed when presented to Stevie Nicks, who gives away her trademark shawl to Misty as a lucky charm for the Seven Wonders trial. At night, Marie Laveau nurses Fiona, weakened from executing a jinx to ruin Delphi Trust (the witch hunters's wealthy front); Laveau then reveals the source of her immortality: "to sell the soul to Papa Legba, an ancient voodoo spirit, and obey his commands no matter what once a year", which in Marie's case is to get him an innocent life starting with her own baby centuries ago. Fiona summons Papa Legba, offering her soul in exchange for eternal youth and willing to do any request for it, but the spirit turns down the deal as he claims she has "no soul to give". After this, she wryly becomes determined to kill all of the Coven in order to murder the new Supreme. Marie Laveau and Fiona decide to get rid of Nan, considering her too dangerous after she finds the stolen newborn for Papa Legba and starts claiming she would be a better and kinder Supreme. They offer her as sacrifice to Papa Legba, drowning her in the bathtub. He reluctantly accepts the substitute for the newborn and warns Laveau and Fiona of being "trouble" together. Later, Fiona, distraught by her health and the recent events, listens to Nicks play "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" at the school piano.[12]

In the cemetery, Fiona delivers a eulogy for Nan, who "fell in the tub", which includes a mention of the new union with Marie. Queenie arrives with a leashed Delphine, to Marie and Fiona's dismay. The Axeman plays as Fiona dresses in his apartment. He suggests they go live at his family's farm after killing the new Supreme. She agrees, but asks him to do her one small favor. After finding out that her daughter sacrificed her eye sight, Fiona searches for Cordelia and finds Myrtle, who tells her that Cordelia is now a hero. She says Cordelia sacrificed her eyes to regain The Sight to protect the Coven. Myrtle dares Fiona to have Cordelia read and expose her. Fiona nearly does, but turns to go downstairs instead. Fiona finds out that The Delphi Trust wants a meeting with her, and goes to neutral ground with Marie and the Axeman. The Delphi Trust men arrive for a meeting with Fiona and Marie. The men will make reparations to Marie and a 100 year truce in exchange for an end to the magical siege. Fiona counters with a demand for the dissolution of the witch hunters, a house and a private jet. Or that they all just die. The waiter reveals himself to be the Axeman and kills all the men except Harrison, who says killing them will not end the war and tells Fiona to go to hell. Fiona hacks his throat with the Axeman's axe.[13]

Fiona shows Queenie a silent movie about the Seven Wonders (seven acts of magic a witch must demonstrate to be labeled the Supreme), which leads her to schedule Queenie's test of the Seven Wonders. Queenie tells her that she is on to her, as she considers Fiona's action as another desperate attempt to kill the Supreme. Furious, Fiona denies any kind of evil plan, as she wants to enjoy her last weeks of life peacefully. At the Academy, Fiona poses for her portrait to be painted. Later, Cordelia walks in her room and finds her looking through old jewelry. Fiona puts her mother's necklace around Cordelia's neck. When Fiona touches her, Cordelia experiences a futuristic vision about the Coven, in which everyone (including herself) has been killed by Fiona as she maintains her position as Supreme. After returning to the Axeman, he confrunts her about leaving for France. She tells him that that was the plan and that after he helps her carry out it, they can be together. Fiona spits into his mouth and implants a vision of him killing her so that the coven thaught that she was dead and leaves for France.[14][1]

At the academy, Fiona awaits her daughter, the new supreme. When she enters, Fiona expounds that the Axeman assisted her, and that she implanted a vision into him of killing her. Even though Fiona is quite ill and aged, she is still trying to make good on her plan to kill the new Supreme. Fiona expounds that when Cordelia was born, Fiona knew of her impending mortality and that she must die for her daughter to truly live. Cordelia laments that Fiona was always her villain. Handing Cordelia a knife, Fiona insists that her daughter put her out of her misery, now that she is powerless. Cordelia declares that no one can help her move on to the end, and that Fiona must let herself go. As they hug, Fiona dies in Cordelia's arms.[1]


Fiona awakes, young and restored, to a rooster crowing outside a farmhouse, where the Axeman's vision of an idyllic life together is played out. She is repulsed, and he tells her that every morning she awakes unaware of what has transpired; she wants Cordelia back. While this place and situation are the Axeman's Heaven, for Fiona, they are her Hell. In the background, Papa Legba, having claimed Fiona's soul, smiles at her.[1]




Character NotesEdit

  • She is the only known Supreme to have given birth to the next generation's Supreme, which means a witch related to the current Supreme could ascend to Supremacy or a mere contributing factor. Fiona did remark upon feeling weaker the minute Cordelia was born, which was the reason they never got along: Cordelia represented Fiona's worst enemy.
  • Fiona associates with many celebrities, having a close friendship with Stevie Nicks and even knowing Eminem personally. 

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