"Bonsoir my pets. Did y'all miss me?""

Madam Delphine LaLaurie was a character on American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by starring cast member Kathy Bates.


Early LifeEdit

Driven by her insecurities and catalyzed by her husband's indiscretions with young women, Delphine creates a nightmarish beauty balm derived from fresh human pancreases she takes from her slaves. New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau takes her vengeance on Madame Delphine for the torture inflicted on her beau, one of Delphine's slave victims, the Minotaur. She presents Madame Delphine with a false love potion, whose actual effects are much more sinister.[2] LaLaurie's fate is revealed as one worse than death.[3] And one that has not yet ended.[2]

Delphine wakes up from the effects of the 'love potion' to find her husband and daughters hanging from the balcony of her home. Marie Laveau has Delphine buried alive in an unmarked grave in the front yard, but not before revealing that the 'love potion' has actually granted Delphine the curse of immortality.[3]

Years later Delphine is found and dug up by Fiona Goode,[2] who wants to discover the secret of eternal life.[3] Fiona mocks her, though the two women seem to bond at times. She wants to use Delphine as leverage against Marie Laveau, first keeping Delphine hidden away and tied up in her room,[3] and later turning her into the new maid of the school.[4]

Due to Delphine making too much (mental) noise, Nan angrily rushes up the stairs and discovers Delphine in Fiona's room. She unties her, but is caught by Queenie. Delphine smashes Queenie's head with a candlestick holder and runs off.[3] Later on however Delphine and Queenie begin to form a small bond as Fiona forces her to become Queenie's personal maid as she 'hates racists'. Queenie sacrifices herself when the Minotaur comes after Delphine, luring it out to give Delphine time to hide. Delphine is appreciative of this and thanks Queenie, who still shows a disliking to Delphine because of her racist behavior.[4]

Queenie manages to reattach Delphine's severed head and hand, and carries her to Nan's funeral with a leash and collar around her neck. At the academy, she sees an African-American gardener who cut his hand and is reminded of the joys she felt from torturing her slaves in the 1800s. She holds him captive in Spalding's old room, using a pruning shear to cut off the gardener's toes and also disembowels him. Spalding appears before her, saying that he knows of a potion that will remove Marie's immortality and will allow Delphine to murder her, but he will only give it to her if she brings back an ancient doll baby that he desires. Spalding hands over the potion (which turns out to be nothing but Benadryl®). Delphine drugs Marie's drink and when she falls asleep on the bed, Delphine stabs her in the chest. Marie is unaffected and gives chase after Delphine, but she is knocked out by Spalding. Spalding says that he only wanted Marie out of his hair and suggests that Delphine should bury her.[5] Instead, she tortures Marie and hacks her to pieces.[1]

After this, Delphine gets a job as the tour guide of her old house to try and revinvent her image and is later confronted by Queenie who tries to get her to see sense and repent for her sins. Her attempt ultimately fails which results in her stabbing Delphine, subsequently, killing her.[1]


Delphine is later seen in her very torture chamber, being locked away with her daughters. Papa Legba arrives and reveals that she and Marie Laveau are in hell, where they are to spend eternity. Delphine watches in horror as Marie is forced to burn Borquita.[1]


Character NotesEdit

  • LaLaurie is based on the actual historical figure who existed in New Orleans during the 17-1800s. She was also a socialite who secretly (with her husband) tortured and murdered her black slaves.
  • Delphine kept a ledger of kills. In total she killed 62 of her slaves and servants. [1]
  • Delphine wore the olive roaring tiger sweater with star shaped studs on it.
  • Delphine is the first character portrayed by Kathy Bates. The others are Ethel Darling, Iris, Agnes Mary Winstead and Miriam Mead.