"The Sacred Taking is a ritual used in times of crisis to ensure the survival of the coven. It has been invoked three times in our history. The first, during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. The coven had decided to flee south, away from Salem and the persecution of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. The reigning Supreme at that time, Prudence Mather, suffered from consumption, and knew she would be too weak to make the journey. She gathered her witches and invoked the Sacred Taking. It's the most hallowed sacrifice a Supreme can make. Prudence took her own life, which allowed a new Supreme to rise and lead them to safety."
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Cordelia Goode, formerly known as Cordelia Foxx, is a character on American Horror Story. She first appears in the first episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by starring cast member Sarah Paulson and guest star Chloe DiTusa.


Gaining a StudentEdit

Cordelia Foxx explains the history of the Academy to new student Zoe. She also warns Zoe to be careful with her powers so that she will not get caught by humans. A month ago, a witch named Misty Day living in the swamps was burned alive for practicing her power publicly. Cordelia brews something chemically and is interrupted by her mother, the Supreme Fiona Goode. Cordelia is angry with her for "dumping" her there and wants her to leave. Fiona is disappointed with her daughter because as the daughter of the Supreme, she could have been rich and famous if she wanted to. Fiona reveals that she was convinced to come back when she saw, through the news, that a witch was killed. Despite Cordelia's reluctance and disapproval of being anything but discreet, her mother decides to stay and teach her students how to defend themselves.[3]

Cordelia comes to get Fiona for a morning gathering and notices a foul stench coming from her room. Fiona blocks the door. Detective Sanchez and Stiles arrive to talk to Madison and Zoe. Some people at the party saw Madison go in the back room with the frat boys, she says they just wanted to get her high. The detectives surprise Zoe by asking about her visit to the hospital to see Brener, the head rapist, who died right after she visited. They also reveal that they know her boyfriend died the same way. Zoe completely cracks and reveals to the detectives that they're all witches. Cordelia tries to cover by saying Zoe is having a mental breakdown. Fiona then enters and spits in two glasses of water and orders the detectives to drink. One does, the other fights her mind control and starts bleeding from his nose. He finally caves and she asks them to turn over whatever information they've gathered on the girls and never mention it again. Later, at a gynecology appointment, Cordelia gets bad news that her fertility drugs aren't working after a year of taking them. Dr. Morrison suggests in-vitro. Hank, her husband, asks if she wants to keep trying and asks her to use magic, but she doesn't want to become her mother. In her greenhouse, Cordelia works on her spell. Later, with two giant eggs and a circle of black salt, she and Hank begin her spell, stabbing each other's fingers to draw blood as they smear it over their lips. Then they have sex, surrounded by a ring of fire. The eggs break and snakes slither all over them as they finish.[4]

Cordelia is told by her doctor that she will never be able to get pregnant, so as a last effort, she pays a visit to Marie Laveau and begs her to perform a voodoo fertility ritual on her. Laveau mocks Cordelia and turns her away, telling her that she will never help the daughter of her sworn enemy, and that there is a war brewing between her Coven and the voodoo practitioners.[5]

Losing Her Eye SightEdit

Fiona hauls Queenie up into her room after getting attacked by the Minotaur and gets Cordelia. The two of them frantically try to save Queenie as she dies. She is quickly resurrected by Fiona as she breathes life back into Queenie. Fiona leaves the room, leaving Cordelia to care for Queenie. After Queenie awakes, Delphine LaLaurie appears to thank her for saving her life but Queenie rebuffs her. Later, Cordelia talks with Hank on the phone, as he is away on a business trip. After hanging up, it is revealed that he is not on a business trip but awaiting his mistress, Kaylee at a hotel. After rough sex with her, he appears to take an interest in soothing her in a calm loving manner. But when she confesses her true feelings for him, he coldly shoots her in the head. The Council of the Witchcraft arrives at the Academy to discuss the disappearance of Madison. At first, Cordelia is confused, admitting to both her knowledge of Queenie's attack and her visit to Marie Laveau. However, they explained that they were summoned by the clairvoyant Nan who can no longer hear Madison. As they interview all of the witches, Cordelia notices that her rug is gone and Nan confesses that she witnessed Madison lighting the curtains on fire just by looking at them. Alarmed, the Council interrogates Fiona who denies her part in Madison's death while sneering and smiling. After it is revealed that the Council knew that Madison was the Supreme apparent, Myrtle Snow (head of the Council) loses her temper and screams at Fiona acknowledging that she knows that she killed the previous Supreme, killed Madison, and cut out the butler's tongue. Myrtle then instructs Spalding to write down who cut out his tongue so that she can punish the person responsible. He does so. After he hands her the paper, Myrtle reads it and sees that he has written her name and not Fiona's. He returns to his room where he selects a dress out of his closet. As he makes his way across the room, a dead Madison is propped up like a doll in one of his chairs. He never buried her. A deflated Myrtle demands to know what happened to Madison, and reminds Fiona that the punishment for killing another witch is death by burning at the stake. Cordelia steps in to defend her mother claiming that there was no way Madison could be the next Supreme, as Supremes had to be superior—both in skill and in health. She reveals that she saw Madison monitoring her heart defect carefully but she knew Madison had a heart murmur. After the Council leaves, Fiona and Cordelia head to the bar to relax. They have a discussion in which they both ask for the other to tell the truth. Cordelia takes a bathroom break, but as she leave the bathroom, a hooded figure appears with what looks like a drink behind her. As Cordelia turns to face the hooded person, they throw the drink (which is acid) at her eyes, severely injuring Cordelia.[6]

At the bar, Fiona hears Cordelia scream from the attack, and calls for an ambulance. In the hospital waiting room, Dr. Wilson tells Fiona that it was sulfuric acid and they couldn't save Cordelia's eyesight, her face as a result is badly scarred. Hank makes it to Cordelia's bedside. He and Fiona fight with each other, until a nurse enters and threatens to call security. Fiona leaves to give him 15 minutes with Cordelia before she throws him out. Hank kneels by Cordelia's bedside and promises her he'll never leave. He takes her hand, and she wakes up and has a vision of him having sex with Kaylee in his hotel room.[7]

Cordelia enters with Hank. She is unhappy with the significance of Fiona's flower selection. Cordelia brushes against Hank and it leads to another vision of Hank's infidelity. Cordelia confronts him about it, but he stammers. She drives him away. A touch from Fiona shows a vision of Myrtle's execution. Cordelia is aghast that Fiona didn't tell her. Fiona leaves her daughter to her grief. Cordelia locates her pills and detects the Axeman's spirit at the foot of her bed. He remarks that he was killed in her room. The Axeman wants release and says that Zoe reneged on her deal, leaving him in between worlds. He chases Cordelia around the room, chopping up furniture and threatening her. The girls hear her cries but are unable to get to her. Zoe, using her power of Divination, locates the incantation she needs and chants it. Unbeknownst to them, this has given the Axeman enough substance to re-form and he walks out of the Academy whistling to the beat of a new world. He finds Fiona in a bar, and offers to buy her a drink.[1]

Cordelia searches blindly through the hallways and stumbles into Madison. A vision shows Cordelia how Fiona killed Madison. Cordelia pours tea for herself and expounds on the power releasing the Axeman must imply for Zoe, warning her that if Fiona finds out about Zoe's abilities, Fiona will kill her like she killed Madison. They conspire to kill Fiona.[8]

Cordelia wants Nan's assistance in the plot against Fiona. Cordelia confirms Misty is a fellow witch needing protection by taking her hand and seeing her burning at the stake. Misty asks if her friend can stay and takes them to see a revived and almost-normal Myrtle in the greenhouse. Cordelia notes that resurrection is the most difficult spell of the Seven Wonders to accomplish, and believes Misty is the next Supreme. The Coven prepares for the Sacred Taking ritual by wearing red robes and black lace veils. Zoe and Madison debate who is the next Supreme. Cordelia tells them being a Supreme isn't a gift but a burden. Once Fiona dies, there will be a new Supreme. Cordelia explains the Sacred Taking ritual is invoked to protect the Coven in which a Supreme takes her own life to ensure the safety of the Coven, hastening the next Supreme. Madison doesn't think Fiona will kill herself. Cordelia says Fiona will need a "push". Later, at the Academy, the witches wait for Fiona to die, but she comes down enters the room, asking about the swamp witch. Cordelia arrives and looks around the Ramsey house, finding a bullet. Her second sight shows its trajectory, and she knows it was meant for witches. The next morning, Cordelia fears Fiona's wrath. Instead, Fiona admires the Coven's resilience and believes there is hope for its future. Fiona then sees the blessed silver bullet Cordelia found—a witch hunter is in New Orleans. Cordelia tells Fiona the Coven needs their Supreme, now more than ever.[9]

Getting Her Sight BackEdit

In the Academy's kitchen, Myrtle watches as Cordelia drops some eggs in an attempt to make breakfast. She asks Cordelia if she believes Myrtle blinded her. Myrtle recounts the day when young Cordelia first arrived at the Academy, when Cordelia asked if Myrtle was now her mother. Cordelia knows Myrtle did not harm her. Later, Myrtle kills the council members by cutting out their eyes and gives Cordelia one of each. Cordelia wakes in her bed to actually see Myrtle through Quentin's purloined blue eye and Cecily's brown one. A shocked Fiona studies Cordelia's new eyes and inquires about the donors. Myrtle says they wish to remain anonymous. Fiona and Myrtle bicker and Cordelia reminds them that the danger to the Coven is not internal. Myrtle hugs Cordelia as she leaves and Cordelia realizes that she has lost her second-sight power. Later, Cordelia and Misty prepare a potion of protection and banishment of evil. They use some on a dead flowering plant and Misty asks to read the spell. Cordelia tells her to read it with stronger intent, and the plant regrows its green leaves and purple flowers and fruit. Hank arrives to see Cordelia has her sight again and begs her forgiveness. She tells him that she has filed for divorce and his belongings are in an Academy closet.[10]

The news of Hank's shoot-out in Cornrow City is broadcasted in the kitchen's TV, and Cordelia blames her harsh words at Hank prior to his massacre, when she told him she was filling for divorce, and that he did it only to protect her. Marie reveals to both Cordelia and Fiona that Hank was really her hired witch hunter, after he went to Marie to offer his services. Cordelia tries to deny it, which leads to Fiona slapping her, saying that she did not just marry a witch hunter, but exposed the Coven to a witch hunter organization, and following the death of Hank, they should prepare to attack it. Through research, Cordelia finds that Harrison Renard, the head of Delphi Trust's asset management and one of the richest men in the country. The company was a branch of carpenters dating back to Salem. Photos show that Harrison Renard's son Henry Renard is really Hank Foxx, with Renard being the French word for fox. With the headquarters being in Atlanta, Marie wants to strike immediately, but Fiona wants to use a spell that will destroy the billion-dollar company. When Cordelia tries to help, Fiona shows that she is still enraged with her daughter and refuses her help. They curse the Trust with rats in a maze, and it shows the FBI arriving at the headquarters. Once a rat is killed in a trap, Fiona collapses. Later, Cordelia has an emotional crisis in the greenhouse while Myrtle plays a theremin.[11]

Cordelia tries to welcome Queenie back to the Coven, but an angry Queenie will have none of it. She shows Cordelia the silver bullet with which Hank shot her before she killed him. She says she has gained new powers and may even be the new Supreme. In the greenhouse, Cordelia prepares a potion to restore The Sight, but it fails. She then pierces each eye with a pair of gardening shears. Fiona searches for Cordelia and finds Myrtle, who tells her that Cordelia is now a hero. She says Cordelia sacrificed her eyes to regain The Sight to protect the Coven. Myrtle dares Fiona to have Cordelia read and expose her. Fiona nearly does, but turns to go downstairs instead.[12]

Later, Cordelia walks in her room and finds her looking through old jewelry. Fiona puts her mother's necklace around Cordelia's neck. When Fiona touches her, Cordelia experiences a futuristic vision about the Coven, in which everyone (including herself) has been killed by Fiona as she maintains her position as Supreme. Cordelia visits the Axeman and explains to him that Fiona is selfish and does not love anybody but herself, using Fiona's passport as sole proof. Later, Cordelia and Queenie find the entombed Misty Day. Queenie uses her powers of resurgence to bring Misty back to life. At the Academy, Zoe and Kyle come back from Florida with Zoe claiming she is the next Supreme, because of the power of resurgence she discovers during her vacation with Kyle. Misty, Cordelia, and Queenie enter, and Misty violently attacks Madison. The Axeman, covered in blood, comes downstairs with his axe, screaming that the witches of the house need to pay for what they did. All of them use their powers to throw the Axeman's body backwards. Myrtle points to the blood, and Cordelia makes the claim that it is her mother's. Cordelia uses her sight to see the Axeman waiting for Fiona to arrive at the motel room. After she arrives, she attempts to be warm, but the Axeman is now suspicious of her, informing her of Cordelia's visit, and discovers Fiona's boarding pass, confirming his own suspicions. He confronts Fiona, who praises him as a lover, but rebuffs him as she claims she does not know anything about love. After informing him of her plan to kill her successor and retain her youth and reign, Fiona pours herself a drink, only to be killed by the Axeman. Back at the Academy, the witches decide he needs to be executed for his crimes against the Coven. Kyle volunteers, but the girls do not allow it and use their abilities to recreate his initial death at the hands of the Academy decades before. The Coven hangs Fiona's portrait and question the future as Cordelia informs the girls they will all be undertaking the tests of the Seven Wonders the coming Sunday at dawn.[13]

Becoming SupremeEdit

All four girls are able to pass telekinesis, and Concilium, but during Descensum, Misty Day fails to return to her body from Hell on time and Cordelia cries over the her inevitable death as a result of failing the test. After Zoe dies, Queen is unable to resurrect her while Madison refuses to revive the fallen witch. To Cordelia's distress, Madison appears to be the next Supreme. Myrtle Snow convinces Cordelia to try the Seven Wonders, stating that she has much power and potential that was never achieved thanks to Fiona's treatment of her for years. Cordelia passes Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Concilium, Descensum, and Transmutation, leaving Divination (the one test Madison hasn't passed yet), and Vitalum Vitalis. Cordelia passes Divination while Madison fails. Afterwards, Cordelia resurrects Zoe, proving herself as the next Supreme, and her sight is restored after she passes all of the Seven Wonders. Afterwards, Cordelia reveals to the media the existence of witches to inform witches of the Coven's existence and to be used as a safe haven. To Myrtle's insistence, she burns her at the stake for killing two council members. Cordelia confronts Fiona, who reveals that she created a false vision for Cordelia to read so she could find out who the next Supreme was and also revealing deep down she always knew Cordelia was the next Supreme since she was born. However, Fiona's disease has made her too weak to kill Cordelia and she begs for her daughter to kill her. Cordelia refuses, saying that Fiona needs to confront her mortality and embrace it. She and her mother hug as Fiona dies in her arms. Her mother's death causes Cordelia to become the next reigning Supreme.[2]



Character NotesEdit

  • She is the only known Supreme to be related to another former Supreme by blood. 
    • It is unknown if the reason for her Supremacy was directly linked to her lineage. Fiona remarked upon feeling as if part of her power had been stolen upon Cordelia's birth and even knowing deep down, Cordelia was meant to be a Supreme, thus the reason Fiona always despised her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Production NotesEdit

  • Cordelia is based on the youngest daughter of Shakespeare's King Lear. "I would read more into Lear than the Buffy spin-off," executive producer Tim Minear joked. He added, "I think some of the bigger themes this year is oppression of minorities of all kinds and within that idea, the idea of minority group going after each other and doing the work for the larger culture. There’s a very strong feminist there, there’s also themes of race and themes of oppression and a very strong theme of family, specifically mothers and daughters. Those are some of the things we’ll be exploring this year."[14]