"I used to be like you. Until I was 25. When out of the blue my cleaning lady shows up as I'm brushing my teeth. Except she's got no toilet brush and rubber gloves, she's naked and bloody. Her husband murdered her with an ice pick."
Billie to Violet[src]

Billie Dean Howard is a character on FX's American Horror Story. She first appears in the sixth episode of the story Murder House. She is portrayed by starring cast member Sarah Paulson.



After Violet confirms online that Tate was killed after his massacre at Westfield High, Constance introduces her to a medium, named Billie Dean Howard. She and Constance explain that Tate is unaware that he is dead; Constance has been sending him to Ben, hoping a breakthrough will help him pass on and they need Violet’s help, though Violet is frightened by this revelation. Later, Constance speaks to Addie through Billie Dean, and receives closure, but learns that Addie is glad she was not revived as a ghost because she now fears Tate, after learning what he did.[1]

While having tea with Billie Dean Howard, Constance asks her what might happen if a child is conceived between a ghost and a human. Billie Dean states that a Catholic papal secret foretells that such a child is the Antichrist and will usher in the Apocalypse.[2]

Constance and Violet seek her help to get rid of Chad and Patrick. She tells them of one very successful exorcism, in the year 1590, at the Roanoke Colony. Billie Dean says that all settlers died and subsequently haunted the local Native Americans. One of the elders used property that the English settlers left behind and burned it. He then said "Croatoan" to cast a spell to banish them. Billie Dean recognizes that Violet is dead and speaks to her through telepathy. She tells Violet that she is sorry that she died so young. Violet pleads with her not to tell Constance. Billie Dean talks about the great evils and the energy that feeds the house, lamenting all the regret and pain many of the spirits feel. Tate then appears in the background. She is visibly shaken and states that "He cannot be here". When Violet asks what Billie Dean's reaction was all about, Constance replies that it was because it is emotionally difficult for a medium to encounter a dead person. Since Violet herself is dead and Billie Dean has no problem with her, Violet suspects this is untrue. However, she later learns the truth about Tate's background.[3]

Hotel CortezEdit

Iris invites Billie to the Hotel to help them to communicate with Liz's lost love, Tristan. Billie Dean communicates with him and finds him unresponsive making Liz think that Tristan still blames her for his death. Billie Dean also manages to communicate with Donovan, who asks her to tell Iris that he loves her and that he has moved on and is happy.[4]

For many years, Billie has been trying to communicate with John but has no luck. One year, he appears in front of Billie Dean. She asks him about his family and whay happened to him. He takes her to the annual dinner party, and offered some absinthe as the Devil's Night murderers roam around her. The ghosts threaten her with the choice of never mentioning the Cortez again, or she will be tracked down and murdered. She rebuffs since the ghosts cannot leave the hotel, but Ramona comes and frightens her.[4]



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • She is the first character to be portrayed by Sarah Paulson. The second was Lana Winters, the third is Cordelia Foxx, the fourth and fifth are Bette and Dot Tattler and the sixth is Sally.
  • Sarah Paulson has played a character that has some form of psychic ability on both season one and season three of American Horror Story.

Production NotesEdit

  • There may have been a nod to Allison DuBois' appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • Ryan Murphy stated in the weeks before Michael Langdon's birth that Billie Dean's theory about him being the Anti-Christ is not necessarily true, though this may have been to provide an element of surprise for fans before the season finale.
  • Billie mentioned that negative energy could appear in places such as prisons and asylums. The second season of American Horror Story is set in an insane asylum.