"Don't think so, dirty pussy cat? Goddamn witches. They ended me once, right here in this very room. And for years after, the parties and the music and the dancing raged wild outside while I sat trapped inside these four ugly walls. Now, last night, this sweet young witch comes along and offers me my release, and I said, "Oh, yes, ma'am, yes, please. What do you need?" She asks her favor, and I provide. The thing is, when the time comes for her to ante up, bitch lies, leaving me betwixt, between and ready to pop."
―The Axeman to Cordelia Goode[src]

The Axeman is a character on FX's American Horror Story. He first appears in the sixth episode of Coven. He is portrayed by guest star Danny Huston.


"The Axeman"Edit

The Axeman of New Orleanswrites out a letter, which is printed in the news read in Miss Robichaux's Academy. They debate whether to play jazz music, which the manifesto claims will spare them from murder. A bold witch, Millie exclaims that they will not be taken. Later, she leads the Axeman from a bar to the Coven. He prowls the house quietly, stopping the recording in a room where the witch reads Tarot. Witches emerge from corners of the room to stab him to death.[1]


The Axeman was called from the spirit realm by means of a Ouija board. Zoe Benson, who made a faux promise to release him if he told her the location of the missing and presumed dead Madison Montgomery. He did as she asked but Zoe reneged on the deal. The Axeman appeared to Cordelia Foxx in her bedroom (the same in which he was executed), armed with his axe and violently demanding release. Zoe, Queenie, and Nan managed to save Cordelia by chanting an incantation which breaks his tether to the building and he leaves.[1]

The Axeman and Fiona enjoy a nightcap in an apartment that Fiona believes to be his. They talk about his past and she excuses herself to his bathroom. A primp in the mirror results in some hair falling out from Fiona's head. Distraught from the clump of hair in her hand, she is distracted from the fresh corpse hidden in the bathtub. He tries to entice her to stay but she insists on leaving what she deems a failing one-night stand. Not willing to let her go, he holds the door and seduces her into staying for some jazz-inspired sex; the light bulbs explode during their climax. Fiona dresses to leave the next morning and reveals that she is aware of the corpse in his bathtub. She says she's called the police but he doesn't believe her. He thinks she seeks an emotional connection and reveals that he's been watching her since she was 8 years old. A flashback shows a bullied Fiona being protected by the unseen Axeman. He's fallen in love with her over years of ghostly observation, fatherly attention turning to infatuation. Fiona is both intrigued and repulsed by his obsession.[3]

The Axeman asks Fiona to run away with him, but she doesn't want to be a burden to him. However, she wants to stay alive as long as possible, knowing her cancer is rapidly advancing from one of the girls obtaining her Supreme powers. Fiona just needs to figure out which one it is.[4]

The Axeman plays as Fiona dresses in his apartment. He suggests they go live at his family's farm after killing the new Supreme. She agrees, but asks him to do her one small favor. During Marie Laveau and Fiona's meeting with Delphi Trust, The Axeman poses as a waiter and massacres a majority of the staff minus Harrison Renard. The Axeman hands over his axe to Fiona, who slices Harrison's neck and kills him. [5]

Later on, Cordelia barges into his house to warn him about her mother. She warns him that Fiona cannot love anyone but herself and is planning to leave the country without him.[2] Fiona later returns to the apartment. The Axeman accuses her and Fiona comes clean. Fiona plants a memory in the Axeman's mind (with his consent) that he killed her.[6] He later ambushes the Coven, attempting to kill them while Misty and Madison are brawling. However, all the witches present use their telekinesis to throw him against the stairs. From the blood dripping from him, Cordelia realizes that he killed her mother and fed her body to the alligators, which prevents Misty from possibly bringing her back to life. Kyle pulls the Axeman away, but Madison cuts him with his axe, hacking at his abdomen. Misty, Zoe, and Queenie use their telekinesis to get knives from the kitchen, and kill him by stabbing him to death.[2]


Fiona awakes, young and restored, to a rooster crowing outside a farmhouse, where the Axeman's vision of an idyllic life together is played out. She is repulsed, and he tells her that every morning she awakes unaware of what has transpired; she wants Cordelia back. While this place and situation are the Axeman's Heaven, for Fiona, they are her Hell. In the background, Papa Legba, having claimed Fiona's soul, smiles at her.[6]