"I've been possessive, I do know that. I never meant for it to go so far, or go on for so long. But I think maybe you needed it as much as I did. But now it's time for you to move on with your life, and I understand that, and I want that. Jesus, Kyle! Why won't you talk to me? What's happened to you? They were so sure you were dead, they said they identified your body. Your body. I know your body, Kyle. I know it. And this... it's different! You're different! Who are you, if you're not my son? My son. My son. My sweet baby boy. No one knows you like I do. Not even that girl. She doesn't know how to please you. Not like I can. Mama knows how to please you, baby. It's okay."
Alicia to Kyle Spencer[src]

Alicia Spencer is a character on American Horror Story. She first appears, with her only appearance, in the third episode of the story Coven. She is portrayed by guest star Mare Winningham.


The Death of her SonEdit

Not long after the death of her son, Zoe visits Kyle's mother Alicia, who reveals that she was so distraught over her son's death that she was just about to commit suicide before Zoe called and asked to meet with her. Later, her doorbell rings and when she opens it, she finds her son there. She greets him and drags him inside. When Kyle showers Alicia notices the anatomical difference with Kyle, and is implied that she had forced an incestuous relationship with him after Kyle's father left them. She later, rings Zoe to tell her that her son is back and invites her over dinner. Alicia tries to talk to Kyle about the changes in him and tries to seduce him. He fights back, repeatedly screaming "no" as he grabs a trophy and bludgeons her to death with it.[1]